Triage Staffing and TaleMed are “Better Together”

OMAHA, NE – September 1, 2020 – Triage, LLC, a national medical staffing firm headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska is excited to announce their partnership with national medical staffing firm TaleMed, LLC. The resulting partnership brings together two award-winning, highly respected companies with shared values and passions for improving the experiences of their travelers, clients, and internal employees. Combined, Triage and TaleMed create one of the nation’s largest dual-threat Nursing and Allied Health recruitment agencies.

The partnership is built on the long-standing relationship between Triage CEO, John Maaske and TaleMed President, Ken Tracy. “We could not be more excited to join forces with TaleMed,” said Triage CEO John Maaske. “TaleMed is a top-notch company. They have great values and impeccable leadership. Our combined companies create something really special and sets us up for strong future growth. We believe there is no limit to what we will achieve together.”

TaleMed’s President Ken Tracy shares Maaske’s excitement. Tracy said, “Triage is a company that has made a positive impact in the industry through excellent service and innovative ideas. We both saw incredible opportunity in working together and we are optimistic about how this will positively impact our field staff and client base. Ultimately, both companies have done well on our own, but with the demands facing the market today we will be better together for tomorrow.”

Founded in 2006, Triage began with a singular focus on Radiology staffing, with the desire to do medical staffing differently. Founders John Maaske and Tyler Pieper anchored their model with mission of ‘Building Trust and Going After It’. This mission along with their spirit of being real, telling it like it is, with clients and candidates, provided a refreshing differentiator that propelled the business forward. They quickly grew and expanded to staff Nursing, Laboratory, Rehab Therapy and Cardiopulmonary departments, in addition to Radiology. Triage provides staffing services to hospitals through direct contract relationships but is also a top-tier provider with many prominent Managed Service Providers (MSP). In recent years Triage has experienced accelerated growth and sees the TaleMed partnership as a key driver for continued momentum. 

Also founded in 2006, TaleMed began with a vision of delivering cost-effective, efficient staffing solutions for hospitals across the country. Under the direction of founders Ken and Elizabeth Tracy, TaleMed has been an industry leader in healthcare staffing, working with some of the most prestigious public and private health systems in all 50 states. They predominately staff Nursing specialties but also offer solutions in Allied Health. TaleMed’s strong commitment to the core values of respect, innovation, consistency, humility, excellence, and resilience has been modeled from the top down over the last 14 years. TaleMed brings to the partnership a rock-solid foundation and track record of success that will be felt day one.

Both Triage and TaleMed will maintain their Nebraska and Ohio offices and will continue to operate under their current brands. Over time they will unify brands and operational functions, but clients and travelers alike can expect to see the benefits of this partnership more immediately, most notably will be a merging of the companies’ Leadership teams. Maaske will lead as CEO with Tracy serving in the role of President. In addition, TaleMed’s CFO, Dave Buffenbarger, will join as Chief Administrative Officer, as current Triage CAO Jason Gilbreath takes on the role of Chief Innovation Officer.

CEO John Maaske is excited for the upcoming opportunities. “Adding rock stars like Ken and Dave to the senior leadership team is a no-brainer. The added talent creates an environment for us to scale and focus on innovative solutions that are long-overdue in our industry.”


About Triage

Triage is an award-winning, top-ranked medical staffing agency that places the best and brightest traveling Nursing, Laboratory, Radiology, Cardiopulmonary and Rehab Therapy professionals in facilities across the country. Our staff is committed to building lasting, long-term relationships and that starts with being Real, so candidates can be Ready. Triage recruiters work tirelessly to create the right placement with facilities, never sending candidates with qualifiers, only qualified candidates. The company is proud to have been recognized by Inc. Magazine five times as one of the fast-growing companies in America and a top-ranked Travel Company by BluePipes for the fourth consecutive year. Triage has also received top rankings from Highway Hypodermics and Gypsy Nurse. Triage was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.

About TaleMed

TaleMed’s purpose is to positively impact the lives of healthcare professionals, hospital staff and everyone in their care. Healthcare professionals consistently rate TaleMed as one of the top travel healthcare companies. The company provides contingent staffing solutions to healthcare systems and hospitals nationwide. TaleMed is dedicated to partnering with nurses and allied health professionals to help them achieve their personal and career goals and supporting them throughout their temporary travel assignments. For more information, visit