Growth equity capital provider

At McCarthy Capital, we specialize in supporting management teams, who retain operating control and meaningful ownership, in growing their business. We provide capital, guidance and strategic resources to the people and companies in which we invest — our partners. Our mission is simple: growing businesses in partnership with management.


Entrepreneurial foundation 

Michael (Mike) R. McCarthy founded the McCarthy organization in 1986.  He had an audacious founding goal of helping local businesses grow and as a result diversify the local economy from production agriculture.  At the time, Mike was involved in a variety of entrepreneurial ventures and was working with friends and family experiencing a devastating farm crisis.  This entrepreneurial foundation and mission of building businesses in partnership with management teams continues to drive our behaviors, activities and investment strategy.  We are all very grateful for Mike’s numerous contributions to the organization.


Mike remains very engaged in our community and he serves on the boards of a number of public, private and not-for-profit entities including Union Pacific Corp., McCarthy Group, LLC, Bridges Trust, Peter Kiewit Sons’, Inc. and Creighton University.

Proven, long-term approach

The McCarthy organization was founded in 1986. We have partnered with entrepreneurs in more than 50 private companies. Our focus on partnering with management has not changed.

Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, the firm’s investment team manages more than $2.5 billion of capital. We are currently investing McCarthy Capital Fund VII, L.P., a private-equity fund with $535 million of commitments. We make control or substantial minority investments of $15 million to $75 million in a mix of growth equity, management buyouts and recapitalizations.

Active, committed and experienced

McCarthy Capital is a partnership of experienced investment professionals. We are employee-owned, committed and focused. We bring an active commitment to our investments and have substantial experience supporting our operating managers. Our investment team brings a wide variety of skills and experiences including finance, capital markets, corporate development, strategic planning, legal, accounting, tax and research.

The investment team has significant capital at risk in the firm’s investment funds, creating alignment with our investors, our team and our management partners. We place the interests of our management partners and investors ahead of our own, knowing that this alignment typically optimizes long-term outcomes.


We are very committed to giving back to the communities in which we live. We make our communities better by supporting various organizations with our time, talent and financial resources.

McCarthy Capital Investment Focus

Our investment focus has not changed since our founding – we grow businesses in partnership with management teams pursuing a variety of strategies for creating long-term value. We partner with companies having growth potential, established profitability and proven managers who retain operating control and significant ownership.

Transaction characteristics

  • Equity investments of $15 million – $75 million

  • Majority or minority positions

  • Growth equity investments, management buyouts and recapitalizations

  • Management-friendly capital, typically holding common equity alongside management


  • Annual revenue of at least $10 million

  • Demonstrated profitability

  • Proven business models, an established customer base and market share

  • Scalable businesses with a preference for recurring revenue


  • Established management teams with a demonstrated track record for growth and profitability

  • Managers with a significant ownership position in the company, representing most of their financial net worth


  • Products and/or services that are branded or differentiated

  • Products and/or services that generate consistent operating earnings


  • Markets with favorable growth prospects – either through participation in growing industries, market share expansion, industry consolidation or innovative business strategies

We have deep experience investing in the following industries:

  • Business services, including: technology-enabled business services (SaaS, software and IT services), value-added resellers, and media and communications

  • Financial services

  • Consumer 


We are not pursuing investments in the following:

  • Transactions where management does not desire to retain meaningful ownership

  • Real estate

  • Early or venture capital stage businesses

  • Broad auction processes

McCarthy Capital Core Values & Behaviors

Integrity ▾

We are honest, principled and fair.

  • We strive to make the right decisions, not necessarily the easy ones.
  • We communicate honestly, directly and authentically.
  • We treat all stakeholders fairly; we desire long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.
  • We do what we say we will do.
  • We give more than we take.

Rigor ▾

We work hard, are probing, strive for excellence and have deep technical expertise.

  • We have a strong work ethic.
  • We ask probing questions and examine situations from multiple perspectives.
  • We exercise intellectual rigor and are comfortable being challenged.
  • We have deep technical experience, yet we are genuinely interested in learning and growth.
  • We display emotional and social intelligence in our interactions.

Results ▾

We are accountable, add value and achieve growth.

  • Our people are self-directed and take full ownership of their responsibilities.
  • We constantly strive to create value and improve.
  • We go above and beyond to produce the highest quality work.
  • We finish what we start, and deliver in a timely manner.
  • We balance independent work with a high degree of collaboration.

Relationships ▾

We build and maintain trusted partnerships, internally and externally.

  • We invest in partnerships – relationships based on trust and competence are imperative to achieving mutual objectives.
  • We are truthful and respectful in communicating with others.
  • We build rapport such that others are eager to work with us.
  • We exercise self-awareness and self-management.
  • We strike the right balance between challenging and supporting each other.